Exclusive Piñatas & Conchas Box Set

Enjoy this exclusive box set from Sweet Nibble and our friends!

Our box include:

5 Fresh conchas by Sweet Nibble (2 vanilla, 1 chocolate, 1 coffe and 1 oreo)
3 Piñatas by Art_Mkt
1 Authentic Maya Mexican Chocolate

Individual item details 

Conchas (Mexican Sweet Bread)

Mexican sweet bread rolls that are famous for their shell-like shape.


Small piñata ornament, perfect for your Christmas tree or Christmas decoration, feel the Christmas mood with this beautiful piece

100% crocheted
Material; 100% cotton, mix of acrylic and wool
The size about 13 cm

*Assorted colours in each box

Authentic Mayordormo Mexican Chocolate

This wonderful chocolate has the authentic flavour of ancient traditional and original chocolate from Mexico.

Allergens: gluten, dairy, peanuts (Mazapán Concha)