Dia de Muertos Box Set

Enjoy Dia de Muertos with the hottest products from Sweet Nibble and our friends.

As we do on every special occasion, we have teamed up with fantastic craft makers.

This time we bring you Art_Mkt and @mexikitschldn to create the perfect box set with all the items you love to make an amazing 'Altar de Muertos' or to decorate your home or office for the special date. 

You will also enjoy your Pan de Muerto with a traditional and authentic Hot Mexican Chocolate brought to you by Mex Grocer UK

Our Dia de Muertos Box Set contains:

  • 5 Panes de Muerto by Sweet Nibble Bakery
  • 1 Authentic Maya Mexican Chocolate by CACEP
  • 3 Traditional Crochet Sugar Skulls
  • 1 Cempasuchil Garland
  • 1 Papel Picado

Individual item details 

Panes de Muerto (Day of the dead bread)

Traditional Pan de Muerto Individual size. Our signature Pan de Muerto, just like home. 

Authentic Maya Mexican Chocolate

This wonderful chocolate has the authentic flavour of ancient traditional and original chocolate from Mexico.

CACEP is a company committed with quality as well as a commitment with the communities of the area and the chocolate producers guild.

Crocheted coasters

100% Cotton yarn.
Include washable organza bag.
Measurements: approx 10 cm in height and 9 in width.
Washable by hand or in the washer (delicates) into organza bag or another special bag for clothes, cold cycle and dried flat.

Traditional crochet sugar skulls 

Handmade. Cotton materials. Include an organza bag. 
Measurements: Aprox. 6 cm x 6 cm.

Cempasúchil garland

Get the perfect setting for your day of the dead altar with this beautiful cempasúchil garland—ideal for hanging around your day of the dead altar, on a door or from the wall.

Each garland has approximately 30 cempasúchil flowers (or Mexican marigold) and is 40 cms long.  Each bud measures around 4.5 diameters.

Papel picado

Traditional hand-cut Mexican Papel Picado, hand-strung. Perfect for your day of the dead ofrenda or altar. Or hang it around your home for a splash of Mexican colour.

The bunting has 8 flags and is hand strung on bakers cotton twine. Each flag measures 9 cms wide by 10 cms long.

Papel picado in an ofrenda traditionally represents the wind, one of the elements of life and usually depicts colourful animated skeletons in everyday situations.

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