One more year has gone by and we keep on going

One more year has gone by and we keep on going

Four years ago it was our first sale of 'Rosca de Reyes'. It was undoubtedly our first great challenge after six months of having started this project called Sweet Nibble and which is a reality today.

A lot has changed since that winter of 2014. To begin with, all our sales were by message or calls from our friends. Very few groups in social networks knew about us.

At that time, we did not have a website, much less an order management or collection system accepting credit cards.

I still remember that in 2015 I was pregnant with my daughter Sarah, it was less than a month before her birth, but my sister and I continued to receive and take orders throughout London and the United Kingdom, but we did not stop until we finished each of them.

I also remember that in 2017 we had some problems with our delivery provider and we had to make many refunds or send deliveries again. Including a couple of times when the supplier delivered our product in different locations and we had to track the orders personally.

However, there are two things that have not changed and that I am proud to know.

In the first place, the great reception we have had of our brand and our products since we started this project. We have a strong aspiration to bring Mexican recipes and products but also to produce unique flavors that are equally accepted by Mexicans, Britons or anyone else from around the world. We would not really be here if it were not because of the positive feedback we received from our customers and the many messages of support from them. It will sound cliché but our customers are our raison d'être!

Secondly, the desire we have to improve and provide a better service has not changed either. This year we seek to improve three areas that are important for our customers:

  1. Year-round availability of our products both online and at special events
  2. Improve the cost and distribution of orders. Something that will undoubtedly help us get closer with our customers
  3. Expand our product range. Better service and better flavor

Our purpose for 2019 remains the same, to bring the best Mexican 'pan de dulce' in the United Kingdom and yes, we know we will achieve it.

We will be back soon, we have 'Rosca de Reyes' in the oven right now!

Araceli Y. Maldonado Toro
Sweet Nibble Bakery

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