Service Update - 20th December 2022

Service Update - 20th December 2022

From the moment we launched Sweet Nibble, we wanted to offer delivery services to the whole of the UK. And thanks to your trust and preference, December and ChristmasĀ is our busiest [and most festivešŸŽ] season.

Despite the above, it is difficult for us to completely control the deliveries made by all of our suppliers.

We also need to work very hard to predict events that may disrupt our deliveries. For example, strikes in Royal Mail have affected ourĀ deliveryĀ as other providers do not have the sameĀ coverageĀ area or service conditions.

Therefore, we regret to inform you that your order may suffer delays beyond our control and may not arrive on time or on the day you requested. Even if you asked for "Special Delivery Guaranteed" service.

We have tried to arrange deliveries with other providers, but they have similar service issues.

As of Thursday, 22nd of December, we will continue to ship orders with the guaranteed service option offered by delivery companies. However, we won't be able to provide you with a full refund on claims where the order was delivered the following day to the requested one. Please refer to our Refund Policy or reach out to us to know more about our delivery service before submitting your order.

We strongly recommend placing your order for a delivery day before the day of consumption or yourĀ preferred delivery date to avoid disappointment.

Excellent customer service is a priority for us. We know that this may not be pleasant news to hear during this time. However, please be assured that we are trying our best, so your order arrives fresh and on time, and you can enjoy it this holiday season.

If you have specific questions about your order, please send us an email with your order details at or contact us via phone or WhatsApp at +44 (20) 8949 8054.

Many thanks for your understanding.

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